Biomax Organic Fertiliser

australian-orgrnic-registered-farm-inputOur fertilizer is 100% Made in Australia & 100% Organic*

Plant nutrition is more than NPK values. The 3 NPK elements only scratch the surface for the production of a healthy, vibrant plant or crop. Nitrogen (N) provides plants better color, Phosphorous (P) encourages root growth and Potassium (K) reduces diseases.

However, soil health is just as important. The soils job is to provide a good ecosystem which then releases the essential nutrients. If the soil fail to release these NPK elements to the plant, then the fertilizer cannot do its job.

This is where Biomax comes in. We have scientifically worked out the perfect balance of nutrition to support healthy and vibrant plant growth yet simultaneously care for the soils health and well-being. So, instead of growing plants at the detriment to the soil, we feed the soil and the plant together.

Some benefits of Biomax Organic Fertiliser:

  • Suitable for vegetables, fruit, herbs, trees, lawns, flowers, pasture & grains
  • Our breakthrough technology eradicates 100% harmful pathogens
  • Contains high organic matter that is naturally low in odour
  • Enhances soil bio-diversity, improve water and nutrient retention in soil
  • Improves plant resistance towards soil-borne diseases and pests
  • Slow release of nutrients
  • Supports sustainable farming

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*This product is classified as "Organic" in accordance with the Agricultural Standards Regulation 1997.

Sandy soil prior to treating with Biomax Organic Fertiliser

Improved soil fertility after treating with Biomax Organic Fertiliser

Biomax GroShield

Biomax GroShield is a powder formulation of beneficial fungi, Trichoderma harzianum and Trichoderma viridae. These fungi have antifungal properties, promote the growth of crops and enhance plant root system, thereby increasing the yield.


  • Powerful plant growth promoter, boost germination rate.
  • Increase shoot and root lengths and enhance crops yield.
  • Probiotic action and preventive mechanism to protect plant root system.
  • Effective control agent against soil borne disease especially for fungi such as, Fusarium spp., Phytophthora spp. and Scelerotia spp.
  • Soil bioremediation and use in organic farming.
  • Environmental friendly.

Recommended for all types of plants: vegetables, seedlings, fruiting plants and trees, flowering plants, shrubs and potted plants.

Crops treated with Biomax Plant Activator promote higher yield and better roots development!

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Biomax Organic Bug Buster

Our 100% Biological Insecticide will help you eradicate and manage pest problems such as spider mite, aphid and fruit fly to name a few.

Our scientists are working hard in releasing this new product soon. Please drop us an email to show your interest and we will keep you updated with the progress.

If you have pest issue, please contact us so we can help you.